The Marketing Shop Ltd

The simple solution to your advertising and marketing needs on and off line

We are here to make your advertising and marketing easier and to help your company to be more successful. To further that end we offer the first meeting Free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Established in 1993 our wealth of experience has been formed working with many clients and we have been members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing for over 20 years.

About us

We have worked with large and small companies from Holiday Inn and Intercontinental Hotels to Summit saw blades. We are well versed in all forms of advertising and happy to discuss your marketing mix with you whatever your budget.

In today’s market place an internet presence is a must and we are experienced in getting the right balance between conventional advertising and online activities.

We also realise that the internet and the increase in broadcast channels has brought many other opportunities along with forcing down prices significantly for press radio and TV.

We are an outsourcing agency so we keep costs down by using relevant specialists from designers to web site optimization companies and for several clients we act as an additional marketing resource.

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